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Q: My “business” is nothing more than just an idea – how will hiring a coach help me now?

A: Here’s what I think: if you ever decide to launch a business or sell a service, you’re going to wish you had started learning today. Sure, it’s going to take time to get your business off the ground, but time will pass by anyway. Hiring a coach from day one, will help you fast track your success. You will have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, instead of having to learn the hard way on your own. When you work with a business coach, you’ll learn how to build a sustainable business from the ground up on your own terms and trust me, your future self will thank you for taking the leap today!

Q: I’ve seen so many other Business Coaches offering their services online. How are you any different?

A: When you choose to work with me, you won’t learn how to manipulate people into paying for your services, nor will I ever tell you that you need to outsource/ hire a team to be successful. You won’t even learn to use paid advertising to grow your business.

Instead, I take a holistic approach to business growth as I teach you how to lay solid foundations for your business while unlocking the true power of social media as an organic business development + networking tool.

My coaching programs have been designed to help you build a thriving business using free platforms you’re already familiar with – so that you can enjoy a freedom lifestyle on your own terms!

Q: I am a (fill in the blank) – will your programs work for me?

A: All of my coaching programs have been designed to support you whether you are in the service-based, coaching, or consultancy business.

From SMMs to VAs, Photographers to Web Designers, Business Coaches to Life Coaches, Personal Trainers to Bookkeepers – our curriculum contains everything you need to totally transform and scale your business no matter what services you offer.

Q: My business is a new venture and it’s not bringing in a lot of money yet. I’m scared to invest what little income I have into a business coach…why should I take the leap?

A: I hear you, it’s scary to invest in coaching no matter what level of business you’re in! But, when you find the right coach with the right program, the return on investment is so worth it!

Every time I’ve invested in coaching, I’ve been so scared to pay the invoice! But every time, I’ve been able to sign new, high-paying clients and made my money back (and so much more) from the strategies I’ve learned. Hiring a coach can feel intimidating right now but in the long run, it is so, so valuable!