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Corinne Hone from Hone Your Social | Smiling in denim with a hat in her hand | Business Coach for Freelancers

Hi, I’m Corinne!

I’m the founder of “Hone Your Social,” a Social Media Management and Coaching business based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m originally from Ireland but left home in 2014 for a 4-year stint in Guatemala. While there, I worked for various non-profit organizations and enjoyed hiking volcanoes and rooftop happy hours on my days off!

Corinne Hone

Despite loving my role in the non-profit world, the limited time off, low salary, and inflexible work hours left me feeling undervalued and overworked. Something had to change…

In 2018, I moved stateside but the American Corporate system just didn’t shape up to be a good fit. I knew that to enjoy a better quality of life, I needed to become my own boss.

Having fallen into the world of Instagram Influencer Marketing in my new hometown of Salt Lake City, I saw a gap in the market. Local businesses needed social media support – and I could offer it to them.


Hone Your Social was born in March of 2019 and since then, I’m proud to say I have built a social media agency that not only serves our clients but also provides a steady income for our international team of female marketers.

Now, we help busy business owners:

– streamline their social media systems to save time

– share strategic content consistently and;

– connect with their audience on a deeper level to drive conversions

And I’ve never been happier!

Entrepreneurship sure can be a rollercoaster but with the right systems and support in place, it’s a ride I don’t want to ever get off!

If you need help to hone your social media presence, look no further! Hone Your Social is here to help!

I help busy business owners streamline their social media systems to save time, share strategic content consistently, and connect with their audience on a deeper level to drive conversions. 

Hone Your Community

When you work with Hone Your Social, you aren’t just getting social media support! You’re getting a team of expert marketers who are dedicated to your success. 

Starting a business can feel lonely.

Running it can feel isolating.

But you are not alone.

We’ve got you!

Your Business Bestie

What you get when you work with me…

  • 1:1 support and guidance
  • A personalized step by step social media strategy for your business
  • Proven frameworks for social media success
  • A marketing expert with a team of professionals to support you

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“I would 100% recommend working with Corinne and only wish I had done so way sooner! She has a natural flair for helping other women, she is such an approachable, genuine and caring person and over the last 10 weeks, she has helped me to fast-track my business success! The results are unbelievable and I am a coaching-convert now.”

A. A.